751. Roasted Cherry Tomatoes

Book: Barefoot Contessa Parties, page 85
Episode: Elegant and Easy
Rating: 4/5 
How Easy Is That: Easy 
Store Bought Is Fine: Olive Oil 
Pricey Ingredients: —
Hard-to-find: —

Recipe on FoodNetwork.com.

Serve with
  • In a medium-sized pan, saute garlic until fragrant, added red pepper flakes, oregano, salt + pepper the leftover cherry tomatoes (crushed). Heat until warm and serve over pasta.

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751. Brightened up dinner with Ina's Roasted Cherry (and Grape 🙃) Tomatoes! It's not quite tomato season, but I couldn't wait any longer. And I knew from previous Ina recipes that roasting meh tomatoes transforms them from bland to flavor-packed. This should hold me over until I get my hands on perfectly ripe, in-season tomatoes for one of my favorite summer snacks: tomato + mayo sandwiches. I crushed up the leftover tomatoes, added some spices and garlic and serve over pasta for a great day-two dinner! Rewatched the "Elegant and Easy" episode (which features this recipe) and forgot how frenetic some of the early shows feel – it also may be the only one that Ina take a mid-episode bath 😂 🛀 📖: #parties #inagarten #barefootcontessa #howeasyisthat #storeboughtisfine #cassandraskitchen

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