Suga Mama: Where I satisfy my sweet tooth

While my sweet tooth has waned over the years (give me bacon), when the craving hits, these are the usual suspects for satiating my need for sugar and get cake by the pound

Soundtrack: “Suga Mama” and Yonce – Beyoncé


Magnolia Bakery – Though made famous by Sex and the City, I always skip the cupcakes here. The banana pudding, on the other hand, is something magical. It’s one of my favorite treats.

Levain Bakery – see Crazy in Love

Sugar Sweet Sunshine  – see Countdown

Veniero’s – see Countdown

Taiyaki NYC – The pictures of fish-shaped cones are ubiquitous on Instagram, but this is one place where the hype is backed up by one tasty cone!

Soft Swerve – When I come here, I go straight for the perfectly sweet ube (purple yam) ice cream. It’s one of the creamiest I’ve ever had and as a bonus, that deep, rich color looks great.

The City Bakery – When I first moved to New York, I fell in love with City’s thick, decadent, hot chocolate topped with a homemade marshmallow. Even better is the month of February when they have a new special flavor every day.

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