(Pizza) Party: Favorite spots to grab a slice

Forget Chicago deep-dish, I’ll take New York-style pizza any day of the week. With a pizzeria on practically every block, there are so many to choose from. Here is just a sampling of my favorites.

Soundtrack: “Party” and “6-IN” – Beyoncé

Di Fara Pizza – Arrive early and plan to wait a while for my favorite pizza experience in the city. Located in Midwood, Dom De Marco opened Di Fara Pizza in 1965 and has personally made every single pie that has been sold at this original location – meaning you’ll have to wait, but believe me, it’s worth it. We arrived around 6 on a hot summer evening and waited for them to open back up (they close daily from 4:30 to 6:30). While waiting two hours for our pizza to be made, we chatted with other patrons and watched the master and his family at work. Order a whole pie for yourself. You won’t regret it – the imported ingredients make all the difference. It’s cash only.

John’s of Bleecker Street – Serving up amazing pizzas since 1929, I love sitting down at this West Village joint for a whole pizza with friends. They don’t take reservations and don’t sell by the slice.

Motorino Pizza – This brick-oven pizzeria has three locations throughout the city, but my preference is in Williamsburg. The thin, crispy crusts are layered with red or white sauce, bubbly cheese and plenty of toppings. If you like your pizza with a lot of meat and a little heat, I’d recommend one of my favorites: Soppressata Piccante Pizza.

Artichoke Pizza – The original is in the East Village, but now there are 9 other locations throughout the city. They’re known for their insanely creamy artichoke slice, but my personal favorite is the crab slice. The slices are huge so be prepared to take a nap after polishing off one or two!

Capizzi – This adorable pizza spot could not be more out of place under a bridge leading to the Port Authority, but it’s a diamond in the rough. Love coming to this comforting oasis on casual dates or with friends.

Lucali’s – You may have seen this on David Chang’s “Ugly Delicious” Netflix series. I’ve never actually set foot inside this popular pizzeria – one of Beyoncé’s favorites – but a friend brought a leftover calzone to a party and gave it to me. Even cold it was worth the hype. One day I’ll make it there. Just a couple notes: it’s cash only, no reservations, and BYOB. Checkout out the New York Times’ profile on owner, Mark Iacono, who had never made a pizza in his life before opening this neighborhood restaurant.

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